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K. Amanda Barton, Attorney

Barton Law, LLC, is licensed to practice law in Alabama and Mississippi and has more than 16 years of experience in complex trial litigation with high client satisfaction. As legal representative to both plaintiffs and defendants, it is our goal to examine all facets of a case and whenever possible to lean on negotiation. But whether outside of the courtroom or in front of a judge, our representation is always guided by the best interest of our client.


Contract Disputes

A well-written contract can be your best defense, but when disputes arise, our counsel will guide you through the legal process.
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Commercial and Business Litigation

When settlements can’t be reached out of court and litigation is unavoidable, we can help you through the legal process.
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Civil Litigation

We assert our expertise in and out of the courtroom to achieve the most expedient results for our clients.
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Construction Matters

We help clients navigate the legal complexities that can present themselves in residential and commercial construction projects.
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Collections and Creditor's Rights

When businesses or individuals are seeking to recover debt owed them, we work quickly to get the matter before a judge.
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Business Formation, Organization & Transactions

Our firm can assist navigating the variety of considerations to make when starting a business.
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Outside General Counsel

Our services can be retained by small businesses that need legal counsel but don’t have in-house lawyers.
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Probate Matters

As our loved ones get older, they may need assistance in handling.
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Complex Litigation

The more parties involved in a case, such as a class action lawsuit, the more nuances.
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